Back to School FUN for your College or University!

College Event Rentals from AMJ will help you make this years event Spectacular!

August means back to school and for college students there’s never a shortage of activities, almost everything you could want or need is within walking distance, and there’s always something fun to do.  Back to school events range from College Days to Welcome Back BBQ’s, and of course countless jam sessions, open mic nights, and concerts. Most student activity groups love having back-to-school events for college students, which almost always means free food (score).

AMJ Spectacular Events has more products and more fun for your next back to school event! Here are some great products for planning an event that everyone will love:

LIFE IS TOO SHORT to worry about what others SAY or THINK about you so HAVE FUN and give them something to talk about!

If your an adventurer race to the top of a our  26-foot Rock Climbing Wall or Travel between 100 feet and 220 feet at speeds up to 21mph on the  ZipLine!  If you “PLAN it They Will Come” how about a game of TWISTER!?  Our all new Spider Climb lets participants climb, explore, and crawl their way through the maze of layers then enjoy sliding down for another climb to the sky.   Ever wonder what it would be like to be on the TV show WipeOut, experience it for yourself on our version of the game. 

The weather can still be warm during the first few months back to school to why not cool off on one of our Water Slides.  Our Foam Machine is also great for those warm weather days and so much fun to run around in.

Our Movie Night Screens  are just about guaranteed to add fun to any event great for back to school gatherings. Want something more unique then try our Green Screen Photography. Create a fun and interactive photo experience that  generates excitement among your attendees. The unique photos help capture the live pulse of the event.

Thomas, Kathleen and Steve from College Event Rentals Call now they are here to help you make this years event Spectacular!

Of course these are just some suggestions for back to school events.  

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